martes, 17 de enero de 2017

Explorando la nueva era

Nos ha dejado un alma bella, descanse en Paz Julien

-Recap of past shows:
Consciousness of crystals
Personal vs Consensus reality
Law of Attraction fundamentals
Death is like "Ground Hog Day"
The beings on Cloud 9
The Sun as a focal lens
(In the middle) ***Channeling from Leonara/the Sun
What empathy actually means
Magick/Technology...not so different
Tranid and the data dump
Do "right" by everyone
Musical artist Prince
Nonphysical/Physical forms
"Chewbacca Mom"
The hippie vibration
-"The Endeavor", the Pleiadians' Disclosure package
-Ship coming to land on Lake Michigan
-What happened to last week's show?
-ETs will be communicating through holograms over cities
-Project Blue beam 

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